About iJAG

iJAG is an independent, statewide 501(c)(3) private nonprofit corporation established in 1999 and has become a leader within the national JAG network. Initially created for high school seniors as a school-to-work program, iJAG has evolved into an organization serving 2,800 students per year in 49 programs (35 schools), reaching into 17 communities across the state of Iowa and Illinois.

In its 19 year history, iJAG has mentored over 18,500 students who were at the highest risk of disengaging from school or dropping out of school without the skills and motivation needed to succeed in higher education and the workforce.

19 Year History

And 19 years of results tell the story:

  • 94% of the iJAG students graduate 
  • Nearly 60% of our grads are the first generation to attend any kind of post-secondary education.
  • 24% are the first generation in their family to graduate high school.
  • iJAG students’ grade point averages increase .3 annually.
  • iJAG students’ school attendance increases an average of seven days per school year over the past 19 years.

Achieving Personal Potential

Through iJAG programs, middle school through college age students discover their individual talents, develop skills, and seize opportunities to achieve their personal potential. Each iJAG program is operated as a "for-credit" elective course during the regular school day. The iJAG specialist serves as adjunct faculty within our partnering school districts. The specialist continues to work with students into the summer in areas of leadership, employment and, in some cases, academic support. Critical to the success of the iJAG program is the relationship established between the student and the iJAG specialist. Each specialist works with a total of 35-45 students in a small learning environment and plays a unique role of teacher, advocate, guidance counselor and mentor. After finishing high school, students receive one year of follow-up supports from their education specialist.

iJAG offers a venue for students to interact with employers and community-based organizations. The iJAG program teaches 37 core competencies comprised of six skill sets: personal skills, leadership skills, communication skills, job attainment skills, job success skills and career development skills. iJAG has proven to be a cost effective and successful program by increasing:

  • Graduation Rates
  • Academic Performance
  • Attendance
  • Job Placement
  • Continued Education/Training

iJAG is successfully preparing Iowa’s young people to be responsible and productive employees, customers and citizens.