College Success

Our Students:

  • Our students in the College Success Program (CSP) consist of students who are currently enrolled in Post Secondary Education at DMACC.
  • 82% of our students enrolled in CSP are first generation students; meaning that our students are the first in their family to attend college
  • 76% of our students are high socioeconomic need which causes a challenge for students who attend college
  • The top 5 programs students are enrolled in at DMACC are: 1. Liberal Arts in order to transfer to a 4 year program, 2. Criminal Justice, 3. Nursing - Health Fields, 4. Human Services, 5. Career/Tech programs

Class and Curriculum:

  • Students in the CSP take courses instructed by an iJAG/DMACC Adjunct Faculty member. Students recieve free tuition to take The College Experience and Study Strategies to create a Learning Community Experience
  • Students in the CSP receive one on one mentoring with professionals in their career field
  • Students in the CSP receive one on one advising and counseling in their program of study and any barriers that should hinder students to graduate on time.
  • Students in the CSP are a part of the iJAG CSP student group that participates in volunteeractivities in the community and the iJAG organization.


  • 80% of CSP students will persist (continue) into their next term
  • 80% of CSP students will be retained yearly
  • 80% of CSP students will graduate, move into full time work, transfer into a four year institution and/or join the military.