High School

iJAG Students:

The iJAG High School Program is located in 17 communities across Iowa serving students in range from 9th-12th grade.

iJAG students are facing multiple barriers in their lives. iJAG specialists work intensely with our students to guarantee graduation and improve the rate of success in achieving education and career goals.

iJAG students are elected into leadership roles through their student-led Career Association. All iJAG students are members of their Career Association and lead through goal areas:

  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Service Learning
  • Civic and Social responsibilities

Approximately 57% of iJAG graduates are first generation postsecondary attendees and 20% first generation high school graduates.

Class and Curriculum:

Utilizing project based learning, students are expected to master 37 core competencies that are taught daily in the classroom which are comprised of six skill sets:

  • Personal Skills
  • Basic Skills
  • Leadership
  • Job attainment
  • Job Survival
  • Career development

 Graduates receive assistance for one year of follow-up based upon their needs:

  • Employer marketing
  • Job development and placement
  • Employer and graduate follow-up contact

iJAG students partner with local business and community leaders to experience and gain firsthand knowledge of Iowa’s leading industries. 


Over the past fifteen years, iJAG programs have exceeded the National JAG standard for graduation (National = 90%, iJAG = 93%).  Of those that graduated, 43% have continued their education at colleges and universities.

For the class of 2014, iJAG students obtained a 94% graduation rate, along with an 87% positive outcome rate (part-time or full-time employment or post-secondary placement or military).

Since the inception of the iJAG program in 1999, iJAG students have contributed more than 75,000 hours of service in their local communities.

More than 11,000 potential drop-outs have graduated with iJAG since iJAG was established in 1999.