Investing in Relationships - Board of Directors

Sue Cheek is a former iJAG Board Member and Executive Team Member.  Sue served on the iJAG Board during her time with Mid-American Energy.  She was recently recognized for commitment to the MidAmerican - iJAG partnership and working closely with iJAG to craft initial "project-based learning" curriculum that was brought into the classroom. The "Get into Energy" module helps students better understand the diversity of energy careers as well as where energy comes from and how it is consumed nationwide.

Sue helped to navigate iJAG's movement from a small non-profit to now serving over 3,000 students and maintaining a 95% graduation rate over the past 4 years.  Specifically, Sue helped review policies and practices related to iJAG sustainability and enhancement.  She also helped iJAG to identify other key Board Members who continue to shape iJAG's future.  Sue is a great advocate for iJAG - Thank YOU Sue!