iJAG Student Accepted into Registered Apprenticeship

Nick started iJAG Sophomore year at North Scott High School in Eldridge, IA. While Nick had academic struggles, hands-on classes such as Building Trades and Welding just made sense to him.

Through Nick’s sophomore and junior year, he was able to develop his leadership skills in iJAG (he even was elected VP of Leadership Development), Nick also decided to take concurrent enrollment classes and began exploring Registered Apprenticeship programs. Nick knew right away that he wanted be a registered apprentice with John Deere – no question.

The positions were going to be very competitive and Nick knew that he would have to stand out to land one of these slots. Because of iJAG Nick had the opportunity to build a relationship with a John Deere mentor. Throughout the visits to class Nick and the mentor worked on building Nick’s knowledge of John Deere as a company and mock interviewing. During other iJAG classes, Nick worked on professional appearance, resumes and career-speak in general.

As a sponsor of the Registered Apprenticeship, Deere was holding interviews to determine what students received the slots. Nick was perfect at his interview and was awarded a position at John Deere.

He started in June 2019 and is currently working on his John Deere Welding Certification. Nick will also receive his Basic Welding Certificate from Scott Community College by the time he graduates high school!