Austin's Story


I would like to introduce you to you to Austin. Austin started iJAG the fall of his junior year at Cedar Rapids Washington High School. He was encouraged to join by one of his friends who was already in the program. After some initial hesitancy he signed up. That Austin struggled in school. He was unfocused and didn’t see the value in education. He had some minor scrapes with the law and was getting closer to the point of no return. However, iJAG was able to help him see that change was necessary.

Austin was able to begin to change his life.

He left his bad decisions behind him. He even had to leave a few friends behind him that were not encouraging him to make good decisions. He worked harder in school and finished strong. Austin was able to graduate on time with his peers even though he had been behind in credits.

Through the help of his iJAG Specialist Mr. Dunbar, Austin connected with the Iowa National Guard. 

Austin always wanted to be a part of something special, something that was larger than himself. He found that in the National Guard. Austin decided to join before school ended. Since April he has attended drill each month and worked toward preparation for basic training. Now, Austin is at basic training at Ft. Benning. He will finish in the next couple weeks. After his training his plan is to attend Kirkwood Community College for an undetermined Major.