Corey's Story


Corey was born on the West side of Chicago on October 27, 1995. He has an older brother Cinqu (19) and a younger sister Cardaeja (13). His father passed away when he was four months old. The family bounced around and stayed many different places. They were essentially homeless. His Aunt Tiaqua convinced the family to move to Iowa City in 2007.

After moving to Iowa City Corey and his family have moved around a great deal and have found themselves homeless on more than one occasion. To help with the bills Corey started working at age 14. Needless to say living in these conditions was not conducive to school, his grades suffered and his attendance was very poor.

Once Corey moved up to City High School and got a little bit older he found work at the Sycamore Mall McDonalds. Corey continued to work more and more, eventually moving up to Assistant Manager. With his additional salary his family was able to move into a permanent home, but again his grades and school work suffered.

Finally in his senior year Corey was guided to the iJAG Program. His Specialist Sarah Richardson helped him see the benefits of staying in school and graduating. Sarah connected him with a mentor, Kevin, from McDonalds and Corey began to think of ways he could advance within the company. Corey even began to hire his classmates at McDonald’s so that they could learn more about the world of work.

Corey graduated this spring with his peers and will be attending McDonald’s Hamburger University this fall. He hopes to be the youngest person ever to open his own McDonalds.