Skylar’s Story


Skylar credits his iJAG Education Specialist at Davenport North High School and the Game of Monopoly in helping him define his future. He says, “Having little recognition of what truly intrigued me, my iJAG teacher shared with me her observations of my passion for finance when playing Monopoly. Although I was aware of my long-time interest in this board game, I would have never thought to correlate it with real-life opportunities and the significance it would have on my future.”

Skylar continued his education at the University of Iowa, graduating in 2012. He is a first-generation college graduate. Skylar earned a B.A. degree in Finance; Management with a strong academic foundation in Real Estate. In addition, he commits much of his free time to youth development and peer encouragement.

Today, Skylar is a Management Trainee at Bankers Trust Company. Skylar says, “I work for a well-respected company that is very supportive of my professional development.”

iJAG Board Member, Jeri Le Henry, retired Vice President of Institutional Trust Services & Trust Operations at Bankers Trust Company says, “He is such a success. I hope we can use this story to inspire other students to reach their potential.”