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Let's build the future.

Part of our impact is serving as a reliable workforce solutions partner for employers in Iowa. We proudly partner with 2,400 local and statewide organizations across all industries to bridge education and the workplace. Every partnership provides students with opportunities to pursue career interests and prepare them to become leaders of the next generation.

Meanwhile, employers are getting connected to young talent by creating a philanthropic partnership that meets DEI + B priorities, supporting employee engagement programs with opportunities for volunteerism or implementing strategies that build a talent pipeline.

Step inside our classrooms to give a presentation about your career path, company or industry or help deliver mock interviews or resume/cover letter writing services, serve as a mentor, provide support on a group project – and more! 

Every experience helps students understand the world of work while developing leadership and soft skills.

Fosters relationship-building

Facilitate hands-on learning experiences that give students real-world insights into your company and industry. From facilities tours to job shadows, competency demonstrations and mentorships, these experiences are critical in helping youth choose a career path and understand expectations in the workplace. 

Connects education to the workplace

There are a variety of dynamic ways to deliver career discovery opportunities that prepares the next generation of leaders and grow talent pipelines. Whether apprenticeships, internships and on-the-job training or collaboration on special projects, all experiences create a meaningful impact on youth.

Builds skills & competencies

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