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Who we are

Vision: To empower Iowa’s youth to succeed, thrive and become future-ready leaders.

Mission: To ensure a future Iowa where youth are resilient and well-prepared with skills, purpose and opportunities. Through collaborative partnerships and innovative approaches, we bridge education and employment to build strong communities and unlock the potential of “Every Student. No Matter What!” This statement reflects our commitment to uplift youth who may experiences significant barriers to graduation, learning in-demand and employability.

Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates (iJAG) is a statewide nonprofit organization and affiliate of the JAG Network. Our work receives bipartisan support from Governors and legislatures, corporate executives and community leaders across the country. See the list of JAG Board of Directors members in Iowa and those serving nationally alongside JAG Board chair Governor Kim Reynolds.

In Iowa, we are the leader of career development programming which includes leadership training, career education, individualized guidance and employer engagement. We serve as an essential bridge between education and the workplace to help young people discover, plan and prepare for the future. 

Our organization has 25 years of trusted expertise in unlocking student potential thanks to growing relationships with public and private partners that includes schools, employers, volunteers, legislators and donors. Together, we are building resilient, future-ready leaders of the next generation

Our impact


iJAG has a 97% graduation rate which is 7% higher than non-iJAG students across the state. Our graduation rate is among the highest of all 39 JAG state affiliates.


An impressive 92% sustained engagement with students one-year post-graduation, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to ensuring their resounding success in accomplishing their goals.


Students work to master soft skills such as critical thinking, time management, dependability and communication while developing connections with business and community leaders. This helps youth build an understanding of expectations in the workplace.


77% of iJAG students pursue continued education or full-time work in their first year after high school.