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Let’s unlock your potential.

As an iJAG student, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime that creates a positive impact on your future. Our classes are all about helping you explore careers that you’re interested in, and then plan and prepare for life after high school. Check out our focus areas below.

iJAG is a semester-based electives class currently available at  these schools. 

Career Exploration

It’s all about your voice and choice. Your school iJAG Specialist will help you discover a variety of career options and create a plan that’s centered around your interests. You’ll receive the tools, resources and opportunities to explore those interests even further whether through mentorship, work-based learning, project-based learning, offsite experiences and more. 

Career exploration makes it easy for you to have a clear understanding of what you want to do with your future.

We partner with a variety of statewide and local businesses to offer a variety of experiences that help you discover what you’re passionate about. You’ll gain insight into a “day-in-the-life” to help pick the career path that’s right for you. As part of your classwork, you’ll complete projects with employers, have the chance to problem-solve real-world situations, get connected to job opportunities and so much more.

Employer connections and experiences make it easier for you to get connected to work and thrive in the workplace. 

Professional experiences, skill-building and leadership development are all things you get to participate in as an iJAG student. In addition to working on projects with employers, you’ll attend local and statewide events such as career fairs, the Career Development Conference, Legislative Days and more.

See what statewide events are coming up this school year.

These activities increase your prepardeness for the real-world while making for good resume content!

Students say we help… 

  • Discover, plan and pursue a sustainable career with meaning.
  • Make them feel like they can be their authentic self.
  • Overcome barriers to success, whether academic, personal or emotional.
  • Improve sense of self, purpose and direction.
  • Secure part-time or full-time work, apprenticeship or internships.
  • Teach skills that make them feel ready for the real-world.