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With more than 20 years of experience working in public education, Allyson leads the management, implementation and effectiveness of hundreds of education and employer partners across the state. She ensures all solutions meet the unique goals of each organization while progressively developing our local communities. 

Why iJAG: “iJAG’s individualized approach to supporting students inside the classroom is what sets iJAG apart. Our Specialists get to build unique relationships with their students during the school day. Our organization’s ability to be innovative and flexible to support students in communities all across the state makes iJAG special.”

Prior to iJAG:

  • Des Moines Public Schools
    • Director of Community in Schools 
    • Community Partnership Coordinator 
  • Orchard Place
    • Director, Community-Based Services
    • Supervisor, Outreach Programs
    • Case Manager, Early Services / Outreach
  • Devereux Georgia Treatment Network – Client & Family Advocate 

Notable Certifications:

  • Diversity Coach/Trainer – Howard University


  • Master of Arts, Public Administration – Drake University
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology – Southern Illinois University