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Alontae Gross

Leading the State Career Association to New Successes

In the heart of Des Moines, a dynamic young leader is making waves. Meet Alontae Gross, a senior at Des Moines North High School, who is not just charting a path to success but also inspiring more than 7,200 of his peers by serving as iJAG’s State Career Association (SCA) President.

Empowering iJAG Nation

SCA officers aren’t your typical student council members; they’re advisors and advocates for their peers, entrusted with a mission that extends statewide. Alontae promotes and advises on student curriculum and experiences as well as assists with special projects with iJAG leadership.

On his role as President, he shares, “My role is to lead our student career association, serve as a representative for iJAG, and help carry out the iJAG mission to help students reach future success.”

Aspirations beyond graduation

While Alontae’s leadership within iJAG is inspiring, his aspirations beyond high school are equally remarkable. He plans to attend a two-year or four-year postsecondary school, majoring in political science and sociology, with dreams of a career in law or medicine. 

The iJAG experience

For Alontae, what sets iJAG apart is the breadth of opportunities it offers. He enthuses, “What I enjoy most about iJAG is the variety of opportunities they offer for students to achieve their future goals and reach their full potential. Along with getting to network with students from around the state!”

He also emphasizes the crucial role of his iJAG Education Specialist: “How supportive he is with helping me achieve my goals and how he’s someone I trust and can talk to about anything.”

One pivotal experience in Alontae’s iJAG journey was working with his John Deere mentor Derrick Prine. This mentorship was more than just a learning opportunity; it was a transformational experience. Alontae shares, “My mentor helped me with a lot of professional skills such as building an appropriate resume and interview prep. They’ve also been a great support along my iJAG journey and were always there when I needed any type of help.” 

Memories that last a lifetime

Among Alontae’s most cherished memories, he most remembers traveling to national conferences with iJAG. It was a journey that not only expanded his horizons but also created lasting bonds. He reflects, “Traveling to attend the national conferences has definitely been a lifetime highlight. I was able to build a strong bond with my iJAG peers and network with students from around the nation all while building my leadership skills.”

As we celebrate Alontae Gross’s remarkable journey as iJAG’s State Career Association President, we are reminded of the potential that lies within every young leader. Alontae’s dedication to his peers, his ambitious dreams and his experiences with iJAG set the stage for a bright future!