iJAG has shown me skills that I will use for the rest of my life. iJAG has helped me prepare for college and find financial aid. iJAG gave me a reason to want to go to school and to graduate.

iJAG Walk Across Iowa - Oct 9

iJAG Students will be taking steps toward graduation by walking across Iowa, to share their iJAG Story one Community at a time. Join Students at the State Capitol West Steps 3pm Oct 9.

"Undroppable" - Filmmaker features iJAG Student

Cynthia Gallardo, by almost any measure, never should have made it. The 18-year-old Des Moines woman grew up in poverty. As a child, she saw her father arrested on drug charges. And like her three older sisters, she became a teen mom. But Gallardo beat the odds. She graduated from East High School in May and started taking classes this week at Des Moines Area Community College. Thanks to documentary filmmaker Jason Pollock, her triumphs have gone viral. Gallardo is one of a handful of young people to be featured in “Undroppable,” a social media campaign that will culminate in...

Voices of JAG - Video

The "Voices of JAG video" was produced by Jobs for America's Graduates national office. The video features students, specialists, and CEO's of the JAG state affiliates, including Iowa's own iJAG. iJAG is tremendously succesful boasting a 94% graduation rate statewide.

iJAG is Guaranteeing Graduates by Unlocking Student Potential

 iJAG is needed now more than ever to graduate students and prepare them for success in the workforce and life. iJAG is the premier non-profit organization connecting business and education to provide the most cost-effective dropout prevention and school to career solutions in Iowa.

Students in the iJAG program have trouble making it in a conventional classroom because of the distractions and barriers at home, outside the classroom or even inside the classroom. Relying on real-world, project-based instructional methods and an unconventional approach to personal connections with students, the iJAG teaching specialists work within conventional learning environments to help remove barriers and show students how to achieve the next step of their career or education.